The Lehnschulzenhofbühne was founded in 2007 in a former farmhouse in the village of Viesen in (the German federal state of) Brandenburg and existed there until 2017. During the Theaterfrühling („spring of theatre“) in Viesen, professional theatre productions were realised especially for this magic place. Rehearsals took place in the large barn, which for this purpose was turned into a theatre room. Actors, musicians, singers, directors, stage and costume designers, performers and dancers from different countries were inspired by the landscape, the people and the Lehnschulzenhofbühne itself. Those theatre makers contributed their experience from their long-standing work as artists at different theatres, and found many supporters on-site for the annual Theaterfrühling vor Ort. For 10 years, this unique theatre festival took place in Viesen; with concerts, cinema shows, readings, theatre plays and dance, in that very special atmosphere of the farmyard. Guests and audience came from the village of Viesen, Brandenburg, Berlin, and Hamburg. Some of the artists nowadays work for teatreBLAU or for the association „“ that evolved from the Lehnschulzenhofbühne in 2018.

....a magical place

Katja Lebelt:

„Theater in the countryside, amidst nature, that is like tight-rope walking without a safety net. Absolutely direct, eye to eye with the audience, without a curtain and side-stage. You must concentrate on the essentials and still live the great dream of art. Nature is always one of your actors and remains capricious - real live within a theatre.“

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