Artists Mariano Domingo, Santiago Stankovic, Andrea Cruz, Jol Alholo, Willy Praml, Mathias Rümmler, Willy Praml, Susanne Yacoub.

The project will be produced in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

Close up /zoom out

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The multi-annual research for the project „Voices of Damascus“ will be compiled as a documentary film into the film-performance “Close up/Zoom out“. Syrian dancer Jol al Holo and Spanish perfomer Andrea Cruz will develop a complementing dance performance, which approaches the topic “Damascus” in an associative and pictorial way.

For both the film performance and the shooting of „Close up/Zoom out“, the heritage building of the Naxoshalle in Frankfurt/M. was chosen, being the venue of the Theater Willy Praml. The hall enchants through its impressive industrial architecture and represents a bygone world. In „Close up/Zoom out“, it will serve as an inducement for „memories“: German memories meet memories from Damascus.

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Close up /zoom out
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