Was ist es wert?

WAS IST ES WERT? – a digital theatre project to investigate the overlap between agriculture and theatre in new, performative ways

The production develops a multilingual performance combining elements of theatre and film. In a time where Corona has deemed culture not relevant to the system, focus has been shifted onto the European agricultural industry. This raises questions, which this project explores: About the real value of food and the work that is put into it – and what our values in life are.

The protagonists Nele (Cornelia Heyse), Fabian (Fabian Oehl) and Marc (Marc de Pablo) have bought a barn in the German countryside. While Nele and Fabian, struggle with their different ideas about theatre, rural life and the plans they have for the barn, the Spanish investor Marc keeps in contact with them digitally from Mallorca and shares his own excited ideas for the project and childhood memories that connect him to agriculture and to Nele and Fabian.