War on water

Water appears to be available limitlessly in Europe. Water comes from the tap; the consumer is not aware of its real origin. The fear of drought and thirst is nearly unknown here. Yet that might change – if we do not take action soon. All scientific facts force us to prepare for a climate change, and that means: too much water through heavy flooding, or too little water in extreme droughts.

The production aims at confronting scientific facts that prove how careless our society treats this precious, vital asset with the fascination and beauty of the matter "Water“; thus showing the aesthetics and power of water in all its forms and myths, in pictures, sounds and artistic patterns. Inspired by the novel by Norwegian author Maja Lunde, which combines the devastation of nature by man with an apocalyptic description of future drought, and based on Sophocles’ with its core theme of "responsibility / acting / guilt“, the team of international artists started a theatre expedition in 2021.


Artistic direction

Katja Lebelt


Matthias Brenner


Cornelia Heyse
Andrea Cruz
Fabian Oehl
Marc de Pablo


Andrea Cruz

Video & photography

Santiago Stankovic

Photography Frankfurt Oder

Mathias Rümmler

Music composition

Viola Kramer

Production & Direction assistance

Charlotte Heyse

Communications & Graphic design

Estela M. Fernández