Digital Landscape Theatre:

teatreBLAU in the 15. Lange Nacht der Freien Theater - T-Werk Potsdam

May 8th, 21:00 Schinkelhalle

Perspektivwechsel: Three concerts have been rescheduled: This is London (07.02.2021), Istanbul (28.02.2021) and Die Seerose im Speisesaal (25.04.2021). For more information click here.

We are teatreBLAU, a Germany registered charity and a Spanish association. We believe that the personal interaction between people from different countries is key to help creating an interesting, peaceful future.

teatreBLAU initiates international cultural projects and seeks to create teams comprising of artists from different forms of art, such as drama, dance, painting, photography, or writing. Socially relevant topics are addressed from different perspectives. Similarities and differences of approach emerge and a new language of art evolves for the artists as well as for the audience.

The first project teatreBLAU realised was called "Voices of Damascus". The project examined the city of Damascus through five art forms: drama, dance, music, painting, photography, and film. The project aims to help the people of Damascus by portraying them and their cultural identity, by engaging the Damascene artists in a dialogue with the rest of the world. In December 2017, we held a „Think Tank“ in Mallorca/Spain. The team members met and discussed about Damascus, its cultural activity and what pilot projects they could work on.

In May 2018, teatreBLAU participated in INCART with a dance performance which was a collaboration with Harake Dance Company/Berlin.

2019 the production „Las Hermanas Veran“ was produced in collaboration with the Andrea Cruz Company and the TeatrePrincipal in Palma/Mallorca. „Las Hermanas Veran“ will be shown at the UNIDRAM Festival in Potsdam in November 2020.

2020 the international dance and video project „Close up/Zoom out“ is being produced in Collaboration with the Kleist- Forum in Frankfurt (Oder), the CINE in Sineu/Mallorca and the T-Werk in Potsdam. The Team of „Close up/Zoom out“ is invited to the CYCLOP Festival in September 2020.

In 2021, we will realise „The Water Project“.

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